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The Congregation of the Daughters of Mary is a missionary congregation founded by late Msgr. Joseph Kuzhijalil in the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, during the early days of the Re-Union Movement in 1938 at Marthandam, Kanyakumari District, with three members, by the paternal blessing of late Archbishop His Grace Mar Ivanios (Servant of God). Mother Mary Kallarackal is the Co-foundress and the first member of the Congregation. The congregation was raised to the Pontifical Status by His Holiness Pope John Paul II in 1988. At present we have 6 provinces and 1116 members. St. Joseph's province was established in the year 1987.


Charism of the congregation is "every member of the Congregation is called to be pure and poor to contemplate, witness, and proclaim the word incarnate for the kingdom of God".


Our mission is to prepare the hearts of people to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and to welcome non-Catholic brethren in the full communion.


The vision of the congregation is that the people of God are led to the Kingdom of God through ever greater unity and freedom, characteristic of the children of God.

Administration and Formation

The present Provincial Superior is Mother Anila Christy D.M,. Sr. Mercy Augustine D.M, Sr. Angel Therese D.M, Sr. Flower John D.M and Sr. Mary Prasad D.M are the provincial councilors. Sr. Rose Paul D.M is the financial officer and Sr. Angel Maria D.M is the provincial secretary. The Province consists of two hundred and five sisters and twenty candidates. Candidates are doing their formation in different formation houses.

St. Joseph's Province is one of the mission provinces in Tamil Nadu. The Province comprises of forty six convents and one service station. We have 7 convents in abroad and among those three convents in Germany two in United States, one in Tanzania and the other one in Italy. There are two houses in Kerala and one in Karnataka State.

Apostolate areas

House visiting, pastoral assistance in different mission stations in various Dioceses where we serve, education, social work, hospitals, hostels, vocational training centers for women, rehabilitation centers for aged, handicapped, mentally challenged, T.B and leprosy patients and orphans, family apostolate, counseling and prayer centers.

Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St. Jeanne AntideThouret (SOC)

Founded on: 11, April1799

Founded by: St. Jeanne AntideThouret

Feast Day: 23, May


To love Christ Jesus, to love and serve the poor who are His members, to show them the love of the Father.


Service and evangelization of the poor: According to the needs and situation we are adaptive to various forms of service.


The seed of the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St. Jeanne Antide Thouret was originated in France soon after the French Revolution. The political disturbances in the context of the French Revolution left the people in a deep spiritual crisis and indifferent towards their religious duties. It was the moment of the end of French Revolution, Jeanne AntideThouretlistened to the call of God through the Vicar of the diocese of Besancon. Under obedience she opened the first free school on 11, April 1799, and began to teach the moral and catholic faith to the children and visited and cared sick people of that region; and that was the beginning of our congregation. Seeing her daring and selfless service, young girls came forward to join her and she began to form them on the spirituality of St. Vincent de Paul, which she learned from the Daughters of Charity.

Later, during the time of Napoleon, she received the call to go to Napoli in Italy to serve the sick people, and thus, the mission began to spread to various countries. Our Foundress received the approval of our Rulefrom Pope Pious VII in 1819. The Foundress died in Napoli on 24, August 1826.From thereon, the small seed sown years back started to flourish. Today theSisters of Charity are spread out in 32 countries of 4 continents. There are 7 Provincesand 5 Regions, with 1772 sisters. Our General house is in Rome.

Mission in India

In India the mission began as the congregation celebrated its 200th year in the year 1999. The first mission in India was started at the invitation of His Excellency Yoohanon Mar Chrysostom of the Diocese of Marthandam.On 3 October 1999 three sisters from Italy and Lebanon arrived in India and began the mission at Nadaikkavu, Kanyakumari District.Slowly it started to move to other parts of India. At present we have 6 communities in 5 dioceses of different rites spread in 5 states: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha.

The congregation in India became a Region in December 2019. At present we are 22 sisters and 12candidates.

Our services

Parish activities, children for unity, orphanage, old age home, school, stitching center for liturgical vestments, aftercare, hostel.

Saints of our religious family

St. Jeanne Antide Thouret: Liturgical feast is on 23, May

St. Agostina:Liturgical feast is on 13, November

Blessed Nemesia Valle: Liturgical feast is on 26, June

Blessed Enrichetta: Liturgical feast is on 23, November

Regional House

Sisters of Charity of St. Jeanne AntideThouret

Harohalli village

Huskur post

Bangalore - 560099



The Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Saint Marc (SJSM) was founded on March 3, 1845 at Saint-Marc, in the region of Alsace, in France, by Fr Pierre Paul Blanck, under the patronage of St Joseph. Saint Marc is one of the most ancient Benedictine Monasteries in France. It prevailed from Merovingian epoch, before the year 740, under the name of 'Sigismundzelle'. In tenth century, the monastery was destroyed due to war. In 1050 the Alsatian Pope Leo IX revives the monastery and established Benedictine monks on the sight of its ruins with Saint Marc as place name.


The founder placed the Congregation under the patronage of St Joseph (March 19). St Joseph, patron and protector of the Congregation guides its members to cooperate in God's great work of salvation. St Anne is the patroness (July 26) of the Congregation. St Anne remains as the symbol of great dignity of parenthood.

FOUNDER Fr Pierre Paul Blanck (1809-1873)

Fr Pierre Paul Blanck, was a priest of the diocese of Strasbourg, in France. He was born on October 11, 1809, at Turckheim, and was baptized under the name of Marie Pierre Paul, in St Anne Church, Turckheim. He was ordained priest in the diocese of Strasbourg on April 4,1835, at the age of 26. Soon after the ordination, Fr Pierre Paul Blanck was appointed as professor in the minor seminary at St Louis, in Strasburg. From October 22, 1836, Fr Pierre Paul Blanck worked as assistant parish priest at Gueberschwihr, in the diocese of Strasbourg. His personal journey bears witness to an unceasing search for the will of God. He had a deep piety concerning the mystery of the Eucharist and deep devotion to the saints, the Virgin Mary and St Joseph. He was a man of contemplation. He served God with love, prayer, and penitence was his personal ideal. "Begin a congregation in which one is principally occupied with prayer and contemplation" is a heritage and the ideal of the Foundation of Saint Marc. Fr. Pierre Paul Blanck had a great devotion to Holy Eucharist and it influenced him to dream to found a Congregation, having the Charism of Perpetual Adoration. Thus the main aim of the Congregation was prayer and contemplation and fraternal service. It gane rise to the motto of the Congregation: "From worship to Service and from Service to Worship".


The Charism of the SJSM is the Eucharistic Adoration of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and active commitment in serving the sick and educating the poor. Thus, we are called to live the motto of the Congregation, "From Worship to Service and from Service to Worship". Keeping in mind the Charism of the Congregation, Sisters engage in the service of the poor and needy, through various services in the field of pastoral, social, medical and educational apostolate.


The context to the origin of the Congregation is the spiritual thirst of the society, substantially affected by the French Revolution of the 18th century. And founder was keenly aware of the strong current against the Church establishment and a strong movement for secularization. And there was the division between the poor and rich. With this general back ground, our founder seems to have made a judicious choice of the Charism of our Congregation: Adoration and Service. And little more specification is made along with this Particular Charism, that of the Service, namely care of the sick and education of the poor. On March 3, 1845, Mgr. Raess, Bishop of Strasbourg, gave approval to the Congregation. The first sisters came from France, Germany and Switzerland.

In 1920 Germany got the status of province, in the former St Trudpert's monastery, in Munstertal, at Fribourg. The German Sisters were forced to leave Alsace, after the end of First World War. In 1970 the General Chapter grants legal independence to the German province and it became a fully independent congregation named Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Trudpert. After the establishment in India, we both congregations recognised that the origin, founder and charism are same. Then they chose to merge back with the origin. Then after the deep study, discussions in the chapter, reflections and prayer, the fusion took place in the year 2001 and keep the original name, Sisters of St. Joseph of Saint Marc. Now the Generalate in Colmar, France. In 1995 the congregation was raised to the Pontifical status.


Having been inspired by the Holy Spirit and by unquenched thirst for mission, long cherished dream was fulfilled in 1977 while SJSM Congregation was rooted in Indian soil at Puthussery, in Changanassery Arch diocese: the Sanjo Province, Vengoor. In 1986, Indian establishment at Vengoor got the status of Region. Thus tiny plant firmly rooted in the rich soil of India slowly began to bloom, spreading the fragrance to all over. The General Synaxis, held in 1998, granted the status of Province to the Indian Region and eventually 'Sanjo Province', Vengoor was constituted. Following the Charism of the Congregation, "Perpetual Adoration of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, Education of Children and Care of the Sick and Poor", sisters of Sanjo Province grew in love of God through the Congregation's motto, "From Worship to Service and from Service to Worship" for mankind.

Having the thrust for Eucharistic Lord, we are with the people of God as we serve in pastoral, social, educational, spiritual and other creative ministries by reading the sign of time, at national and international levels. We commit ourselves at grass root level in tune with the basic needs of people, providing education at school and vocational level for mentally challenged children, home mission with evangelization, counselling and seminars for youth and children. Our social work unit is engaged in self sustaining programmes for handicapped and widows, especially in mission villages. We care children who are orphans and children from broken families by providing residence. We also make provisions for earning by uneducated women, by starting small scale occupations like tailoring, rosary making etc. As a new venture, we have the service in the rehabilitation centre for jailers and seminar for conscientizing prostitutes. Our service for faith formation, specially in mission areas and village parishes, are praise worthy. Total number of members in India is 380 in two provinces.

At present Sanjo Province Vengoor have 32 convents: 28 in India,2 in Philippines and 2 in United States. We serve in the diocese of Bijnor, Bareilly, Meerut, and Delhi north and in the dioceses of Kalyan and Aurangabad in Maharashtra, Vijayawada, Eluru and Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, Dumka diocese in Jharkhand, Changanassery, Angamaly-Ernakulam, Thalassery, Irinjalakuda and Neyyattinkara in Kerala and Marthandum, Thucklayai in Tamil Nadu. Each stage of formation is provided in different communities. Thus initial formation is in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, during Postulancy, mission exposure experience is provided in Bijnor, in North India, and Novitiate is in Puthussery under Changanasserry, Kerala. Sisters do their service in Philippines in the dioceses of Imus and San Carlos City. And in America sisters render their commitment in the diocese of Youngstown, Raleigh and Brooklyn.

  • St Joseph Province Indore began its mission in India in 1974. Indian establishment of St Joseph Province Indore got the status of Province in 1989. Sisters render their service in Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Utter Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and in America and Italy.
  • In 1977 SJSM Congregation was rooted in Indian soil in Puthussery in Changanassery Arch diocese: the Sanjo Province, Vengoor.

Congregation is spread out in nine countries in four Provinces and two delegations: St Trudpert Province, Germany and French Province, France and two Provinces in India, namely Sanjo Province Vengoor and St Joseph Province Indore. Two delegations are delegation in America and delegation in Ukraine. The present Superior General is Rev. Sr Simone Burger. (2010 - till). And Generalate is in France.


St. Joseph's Province has 205 sisters, and are serving in 130 parishes in sixteen dioceses of four continents. They are Marthandom, Trivandrum, Bathery, Moovatupuzha, Pune, Vellore, Chengelpet, Trichy, Palayamkottai, Mandya, Thoothukudy, NewYork, Washigton DC, Paderborn, Ausburg, Mbinga, and Mantova. Most of our convents are under the patron ship of Marthandom Diocese. Evangelization through home visits is the mission portrait of the sisters.

Parish Animation and Pastoral Works

Sisters are engaged in various pastoral activities and are conducting animation programs for children, youth and families in different dioceses. They also explore new mission areas and work among people who never knew Jesus Christ.

Spirituality, Counseling, Retreat and Adoration Centers

Sisters involve in missionary works according to the current needs of the society. They give Bible Studies, theological courses, counseling and retreats. Canaan, the first residence of Msgr. Joseph Kuzhinjalil and first house of D.M congregation, is turned into a prayer, adoration and counseling center for lay faithful around the area. Marian Spirituality center is a center for residential retreat and spiritual study for religious and lay faithful. Spiritual nourishments are given through perpetual adoration, intercessory payers, night vigils, counseling and other spiritual programs to children, youth and families throughout the year.

Suvisesha Sangam and Mobile Mission Teams

Sisters of St. Joseph's province are involved in the activities of the dioceses and Central Suvisesha Sangam teams of the Syro Malankara Catholic church. They are engaged in house visits, renewal programs and other pastoral and mission works through mobile mission team.


Home for Senior Citizens

Two different homes for senior citizens have been established to cater the needs of destitute senior citizens one at Plankala and other at Mathar, in Kanyakumari District.

Home for the Children

St.Joseph's Province has six homes for children. Most of the children at our children home are fully or semi orphan, economically poor and/or of sick parents. Our children's homes are Vimala Bala Bhavan Marthandom(Girls),St.Vincent De Paul Bala Bhavan Chellamkonam (Girls),Sanjoe Children's home Kanchiyode (Girls), Christu Jothi Bala Bhavan Thanippady Girls), Carmel Matha Children's Home Elayankanni (Girls) and St. Alphonsa Bala Bhavan (Girls) Edayankulam.

Hostels for Women

St. Joseph's Province provides hostel facilities for working women and girls from different parts of India. There are six hostels for women. They are Assisi Nilayam hostel for girls in Marthandom, Tara working women hostel in Nagercoil, Student's hostel in Mariagiri, Sanjoe Bhavan hostel for girls and working women at Bhommanahalli, in Bangalore and hostel for girls at Manalvayal in Kerala.

Printing Press, Training Centre and Social Communication

Christuraja Press is the only Press and Vocational Training and Printing Institute of the Congregation started at the early stage of congregation in order to give job opportunities and training on printing technology for unemployed men and women. It is now upgraded as offset printing press.

Social Centers and Social Development Study Institutions

Sisters of St. Josephs Province are dedicated to serve the society with different NGO's for social developments. Development of the social status of women and children is the main focus of this social service centers. Development of self-help groups and other social awareness programs helps the society in various ways. Stella Mary's Centre for Social Development,Kanyakumari, Aussi-Community Development and Education Society Veeravanallur, St.Thomas Social Welfare Centre,Alancholai,Integrated Development Trust,Chengalpat, are our social development institutions. Stella Mary's Centre for Social Development is awarded in all India level.This institution introduces different novel programs for social development like Moringa Program.

Stella Maris Leprosy Rehabilitation Center Kanyakumary

Sisters of St. Josephs Province are dedicated to serve people with chronic disability. A rehabilitation center is started to help people suffering from the fatal disease such as leprosy. People admitted into these rehabilitation homes are provided with accommodation, food, medicine, counseling, alternate self-employment trainings and direct them to initiate own enterprise.

Rehabilitation Centers for Mentally Challenged Women in the Streets

The Congregation of the Daughters of the Mary St.Joseph's Province has 3 homes for mentally challenged woman in the streets. They are, Emmaus at Ummancode,Assisi home at Tadikkarakkonam,Dymphna home at Veeravanallore. We provide humanitarian care for the mentally ill women in the streets in collaboration with the Government of Tamilnadu. Presently we have 191 mentally ill women in our care.


Hospital and Dispensaries

St. Joseph's hospital Panachamood and St.Joseph's hospital Koottar are the two hospitals run by sisters of St. Joseph's Province. We also run Dispensaries for the poor people in different villages in Tamilnadu at Eleyankanny, Koottar, Udayarkuppam, Trichy-Santhosh Nagar and Ravoosappatty.

Palliative and De-addiction Care Units

St. Joseph's hospital Panachamoodu runs a palliative care unit for terminally ill patients. Two of our sisters are also assisting a palliative care unit of the diocese of Marthandam. There are small de-addiction units run by sisters at Trichy, Chengelpettu and Ravoosappatty.


Educational Institutions and Services

Education has an important role in the missionary apostolate of St. Joseph's Province and it runs six schools. They are Christuraja Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Marthandam, Little Flower Matric. HSS, Pushpagiri, Little Flower Central School, Pushpagiri, ChristuJyothi Matric HSS, Thanipady, Tara Nursery and Primary School, Nagercoil,and St. Joseph's Middle School, Kulapparai. Around 7000 students are acquiring quality and value based education from these institutions. Nearly 500 teaching and non teaching staff and their families are nourished spiritually and economically by these schools.

Along with this service sisters are serving in schools of the dioceses and colleges as school principals, college superintendent, accountants, counselors, and animators etc. Sisters are also serving as teachers in major and minor seminaries of various dioceses and other religious institutes in India.


The Society of Apostolic Life of the Holy Spirit Sisters in the Opus Spiritus Sancti whose Motherhouse is in Mammolshain, Diocese of Limburg, Germany was founded in May 28, 1950 by Rev. Fr. Bernhard Bendel and erected as a Society of Apostolic Life of diocesan right on October 17, 1986, by Most Rev. Dr. Franz Kamphaus, Bishop of Limburg.

On May 4, 2010 the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI through the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic life declared the Society of the Holy Spirit Sisters as of Pontifical Right.

The Charism of the Society is:

To bring Christ, God’s incarnate love, to all spheres of life and so help the Church in her work of renewal for a Spirit filled world “that God may be all in all”.

The Spirituality:

It is based on the mysteries of Incarnation and Easter-Pentecost.

The mission and goal:

To serve the Church in all spheres of humanity, as a Church in miniature, to continue and bring to perfection the mission of the Lord in the Holy Spirit so “that God may be all in all” (1Cor. 15:28).

By realizing this mission and goal the sisters are rendering ministries in 42 dioceses in Germany, USA, Africa, India and the Philippines. The main apostolate of the Society is based on pastoral, education, medical and social fields.

This is an International Missionary Society having 478 sisters from Germany, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, India and Philippines. There are 83 young candidates who are in their spiritual journey to commit themselves fully to the Spirit of God and to the mission of Christ.

The International Leadership Members are:

International Leader: Sr. Mercy Cheruvilparampil Representative: Sr. Eugenia Thomas Mushi Councillors: Sr. Somy Thekkezhumkunnil Sr. Maria Elizabeth A. Masawe Sr. Chrispina S. Lyimo


International Leadership Heilig Geist Schwestern Pfarrer - Bendel - Weg 2 61462 Königstein – Mammolshain Germany.

The Regional Leadership Members are:

Regional Leader: Sr. Mary Sosamma Theckechundevalel Representative: Sr. Kochuthresia Puliyappillil Councillors: Sr. Elsy Inchikalayil Sr. Merline Vadakekkuttu Sr. Liz Maria Uppumackal


Holy Spirit Sisters Atmadhara Region Tholassery International Leadership Heilig Geist Schwestern Pfarrer - Bendel - Weg 2 61462 Königstein – Mammolshain Germany.

The Regional Leadership Members are:

Regional Leader: Sr. Mary Sosamma Theckechundevalel Representative: Sr. Kochuthresia Puliyappillil Councillors: Sr. Elsy Inchikalayil Sr. Merline Vadakekkuttu Sr. Liz Maria Uppumackal

Atmadhara Region Tholassery Tiruvalla P. O. 689 101 KERALA, INDIA.

Holy Spirit Sisters started our convent in Marthdam Diocese in the 2015 June 10th by two sisters ,our pastoral missions are Sunday classes , house visiting ,prayer meeting ,counselling and education and Social work. At present three sisters are here, Parishes are Mariagiri and Adakkakuzhi.